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Aerial view of a modern wastewater treatment facility with circular and rectangular tanks, metal walkways, and green grassy areas. The site includes various pipes, pumps, and structures for processing water.

We provide personalized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

We provide tailored water and wastewater infrastructure to municipalities and private companies just like you, ensuring you have the capacity and compliance needed to drive growth now and in the future. We directly take on the complex coordination across contractors to avoid headaches and delays on large utility projects. We build reliable, resilient systems designed to serve communities for decades. That’s the M2 difference.

Why M2 Construction?

and Experience

Discover complete, tailored support for crafting modern treatment plants, upgraded conveyance networks, storage reservoirs and more.


We specialize in every aspect of water and wastewater treatment construction

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With over 200 combined years executing highly complex utility plant and distribution network builds, our skilled tradesmen handle specialized fabrication, equipment rigging, concrete finishing, carpentry, and more alongside general contracting. We alleviate project owners from piecing multiple vendor contracts together themselves, improving coordination.

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From planning approvals through to ribbon cutting, our project management team’s infrastructure lifecycle oversight provides clients with true turnkey simplicity during lengthy construction processes. Change order assessment, contractor scheduling, budget tracking, and contingency planning reveal pain points before they escalate.

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Even sturdy water systems require upkeep and periodic upgrades to optimize performance. M2 offers customizable O&M servicing, equipment troubleshooting, distribution monitoring, and minor repair to reduce failures and prolong infrastructure lifespan. We do the work so you can focus budgets on civic services rather than emergency fixes.

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Before the construction phase, we provide concept design evaluation and recommendations for both private and public infrastructure owners. Drawing from our specialized expertise in regulations and systems engineering, we suggest adaptations that improve long-term sustainability, efficiency and cost-savings. This proactive guidance helps avoid painful and expensive revisions after projects break ground.

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Our Process

Our Custom Build Process

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We evaluate infrastructure needs before suggesting best-fit construction solutions tailored to your operational constraints and budgets. Our feasibility studies ensure proposed water system repairs, replacements, or expansions genuinely align with long-term realities.

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We convert approved utility infrastructure plans into shovel-ready checklists mapping each permitting, subsurface inspection, equipment delivery and staffing coordination milestone required prior to groundbreaking. We structure realistic schedules with contingency room.

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With drawings finalized, our extensively experienced in-house crews specializing in excavations, concrete foundations, mechanical/electrical, piping fabrication, testing, and inspector training take over — completing builds efficiently through constant communication and oversight.

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We care

Committed to Sustainability and Innovation

Future generations depend on decisions made today — and we believe the change starts at home. Our early work on the Chesapeake Bay initiative taught us to conserve ecosystems while providing clean water. We’ve installed solar panels at all of our offices to reduce environmental impact, and we remain committed to using sustainable technologies so infrastructure supports healthy communities for generations.

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